Shots in the distance

 November 15 in Michigan is a day everyone know, even non hunters.  400,000 gun hunters head out to the woods.  This is a thought I had As I sat quietly 20 feet closer to God.  It was just getting light as legal shooting time approached.  Right at legal light a shot was fired in the distance, then another, then another.  I sat in my stand watching 2 deer under me.  As they walked through the woods unsuspectingly more shots rang out around the area just none were mine.  As the deer left my area a though came to my mind.  Who were those people shooting, what were they shooting at?, a buck of a lifetime, a spike, a doe, did the shot run true, did they miss.  Was it the person reading this right now.  I don’t know, but what I do know is as I’ve wrote before it’s all about the experience whether it’s me and my family enjoying a harvest or whether it’s you and your family.  A couple years ago, I was up north sitting in my blind when a shot close to me rang out..  The shot came from the property directly behind us, just after the shot a loud whoooooooooooooo  whoooooooooooooooo rang out through the woods.  I knew at that point that one lucky hunter just shot a huge whitetail buck.  I invisioned all the large bucks on trail camera wondering which one it was.  A lot of people would be mad they didn’t get the big buck, I just thought of the experience he must be having and relived some of my past experiences and encounters with bucks.  Although I didn’t harvest a buck those days, they were great days to be in the woods.  Make sure you teach your children to hunt and to learn there weapons inside and out.  They will have the best experiences of there lives in the woods.  Keep shooting, hopefully your shots are the ones I hear.  Congratulations to all who harvested there animals this year, if you did not harvest maybe you can relive your experiences and find it wasen’t such a bad year after all.  I will leave you with this saying I once seen..  Kids that hunt and fish don’t mug old ladies. 

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