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Game Time Recipes: BBQ Pinnapple Chicken

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Well last night I was gonna cook some chicken.  After discussing a few options with my wife, we decided to make a BBQ pineapple Chicken with red skinned potatoes, squash, and onion foil packets.  After further review!!!! Delicious.  So here is what you need:

  1. 1 1/2 LBS of chicken breast
  2. Red Skin Potatoes
  3. Sweet Onion
  4. Squash(yellow and green)
  5. Butter
  6. BBQ Sauce
  7. pineapple
  8. Olive Oil
  9. Salt
  10. Pepper
  11. Emiril’s Essence
  12. 3 tbs of bourbon(Jim Beam)

First get your grill heated to a high heat.  While that is going, quarter your red potatoes, slice your squash and onion, and place on a large piece of foil.  Use a little olive oil to coat and a tablespoon of butter on top.  Season with salt, pepper, and the Emeril’s essence and close packet.  Poke a few small holes on top of the foil and place on grill.  Now grab your chicken breast and slice in half like filleting a fish to get 2 thinner breasts.  After all chicken is slices set aside.  The Sauce, take your favorite bbq sauce(I use Sweet Baby Rays) put a cup to 2 cups in a chopper or I use my wife’s smoothie machine. Now add about 1 to 1 1/2  half inch slices of pineapple to the sauce cut in large chunks.  Add a tsp salt, pepper, 3tbs of bourbon,  and Emiril’s to the sauce and chop or blend until pineapple is diced.  If you like chunks of pineapple in the sauce cut a few up and add afterwards.  Now that the sauce is done place the foil veggies on the top rack and lightly oil the chicken breasts.  Place on grill and lightly coat with the BBQ sauce plain only,  After cooking til done.  Place chicken in a broil pan and coat heavily with the pineapple BBQ sauce that you made.  Place under broiler until sauce gets thick, do not burn maybe 5 miniutes.  Now plate and serve.    You can also use this sauce on your favorite wild game like rabbit, oe grouse. Please subscribe to my blog if you like it, I appreciate everyone who reads..

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do, its delish.  Throw me a line and let me know what you think!!!!!!

D.I.R.T = Dinner Is Right There

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My First Whitetail

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As I sit in my tree stand, my best friend only 120 yards away I remember or tried to all the things my dad had been telling me:

1. Be still

2. Be Quiet

3. Take a breathe and hold it to settle before shooting

4. Pull bow down to just behind front shoulder and smoothly release

5. If you hit a deer, watch it as far as you can see it so as to find the blood trail.

6. Remember trees, rocks, grass, anything different the deer runs by.

So im sitting in my tree stand 20 feet closer to God watching the squirrels come and go, watching the blue jays fly from tree to tree, and the passing crows making tons of noise in the sky.  I then look over and lo and behold 11 yeah I said it 11 does and little ones are working their way into my bait.  OK before people say anything this was like 22 years ago and yes baiting in Michigan was legal then.  As the deer filtered around me I remember a couple little ones kinda playing and fighting around the bait.  One would come in and raise its legs and jump on the other ones back, and visa versa.  After watching them go at it for a while and the other ones eating, they started to walk off.  One by one right by my stand, single file 10 yards away.  As I watched them walking off I heard a stick snap off to the right.  I turned my head and lo and behold a nice 8 point buck with about a 16 inch spread was walking down the same path as the does.  It was rut time and he knew what he was after.  As he got closer to the stand I eased up and grabbed my bow and got ready.  The buck eased its way down the run and stopped!!! 8 yards right there.  I tried to calm myself as I was shaking vigorously.  As i drew my bow I remembered and took the deep breath, let half out and held.  As I settled the pin behind the shoulder I released the Easton arrow tipped with a wasp 4 blade.  I watched the arrow pierce the side of the buck and prepared to watch it run off.  To my surprise though, I was stunned.  The buck in his mighty glory just stood there.  I thought I missed for a second even though i knew I had hit the deer.  I looked again and seen the hole, blood dripping out the side.  He put his head down and started following the does again.  I now am dumb founded as the deer just walks away.  I am wanting to mak trees but he is just right there.  The buck walks about 20 yards behind me and stops.  After looking around he suddenly bolts straight left, I watch anxiously as he runs 20 yards falls spins in a circle 2 times and passes.  I then get really excited shaking out of my boots.  I’m sure it was a whole five minutes before I look over and here comes another 8 point into the bait I had another tag but It was a smaller basket rack buck and I had bagged what I came for.  As the sun faded into the sunset my buddy came and got me, I explained to him what I had shot and he didn’t believe me at first.  We walked over and to his surprise a nice 8 point lay there in the flash lit dark.  We left and met our dads and little to our surprise it was a great night, not only did I shoot a nice 8 point, but my buddies dad shot a nice 8 point, and my dad a 6 point.  3 deer in one night of hunting.. I have never experienced an evening of hunting since then as far as harvesting.  We returned to the boat and returned home.  It was and is one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had.  I hope all of you have had a memorable experience like mine.  If so please share in the comments.  Thank you Hope you enjoyed this post.

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Game Time Recipes: Venison Onion Burgers

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This is not your typical venison burger, that’s because it’s not a burger at all.  Its more like a sloppy joe and who doesn’t like that right… Well my brother I guess but that’s a whole nother issue lol.  Well this is what you will need for this amazing sandwich:

  1. Venison burger I use 5 lbs big family
  2. 4 cans of french onion soup(or approx 1 can per pound)
  3. Flour to thicken
  4. onion buns or your favorite hoagie rolls

Brown the venison until done, add in 4 cans of french onion soup (I use Cambell’s) heat the mixture to a constant simmer.  While the meat mixture is simmering add flour slowly( about 4 tbs to start)  mix flour in well and watch mixture thicken.  Keep adding flour tbs at a time until mixture is not  watery.  Place your bun on a plate cover with onion burger  and enjoy.

Other possible topping that are great:

  1. homemade cole slaw
  2. fresh grated sharp cheddar cheese/ or pepper jack

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do, its delish.  Throw me a line and let me know what you think!!!!!!

D.I.R.T = Dinner Is Right There

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Ruttin’ Review: Quest Primal

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Well to start with here is a little about this great product:

Axle to Axle 32” +/- 3/16”
Brace Height 7-1/8” +/- 1/8”
IBO Speed (Approx.) 330-332
Mass Weight 3.9 lbs.
Primal Retail $699.99
Primal GFade™ $729.99
SYNC Cam – Patent Pending Twin Track SYNC Modular Cam System*
Draw Lengths – 26.5″-30″ in 1/2″ increments
80% Let-Off
Peak Draw Weights – 40-50, 50-60, 60-70 lbs.
Available in right and left hand
Realtree AP camouflage
Patent Pending I-Glide™ Cable System
Riser is forged and then 100% CNC Machined
Pivoting and Locking Limb Pockets
MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Broadhead Shelf
Two Piece Laminated Wood Grip
Fully Adjustable String Suppression System
Blue Black 452X Precision Bowstring
BowJax Limb Silencers
All new stout 13” limbs provide greater stability and reduced hand shock.
Camo Patterns:
Standard Finish Options
  • Solid Black
  • Solid Realtree AP HD Finish 
Custom GFade™ Finish Options
  • Realtree Advantage Max 1
  • Realtree Advantage Max 4
  • Realtree AP-HD

When I first pulled my new Primal out of the box I really was amazed at how great it looked.  The G-fade camo was amazing and really set the bow off.  After I adored my new piece of hunting equipment for a while I decided to take it to the local bow shop and get all my accessories installed.  I put the G5 sight and also the G5 drop away rest on the bow.  I brought it home and set the target up, 10 yards.  I put the pin on, released, and wow it blew right through the target quickly.  I was amazed at how fast the bow was and the fact that my other bow did not blow thru.  Again I shot and the same result.  After a quick adjustment, bullseye.  Then to 20 yards again bullseye.  The bow took me less than 15 mins to start driving tacks at 20 yards something I could not accomplish with my prior bows.  I am a good shot but a spot shooter I havent been.  The bow is smooth, fast, and looks amazing in the G-fade camo.  If you don’t know what G-fade is the limbs of the bow are camo and as the camo comes down the riser the paint fades to an all black riser.  This is helpful in all hunting situations as the black fades with the shadows of the trees, it also blends with the black insides of a ground blind.  To say the least I love this bow.  The bow is sooooooo quiet, smooth, no vibrations, it’s just a great all around bow.  I have been happy with all my previous bows (Illusion, Mach x) Both have been extremely quiet and great shooters but so far this has been my favorite.  I would recommend the Quest Primal bow to everyone!!!!!!  

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Game Time Recipes: Open face BBQ Goose breast sandwich.

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Since we are stuck here again in this winter mess, I decided to go to the freezer.  What better way to enjoy being stuck in the house than a couple of  Canadian goose breasts that have been marinading in the freezer for a couple of months.  I decided to prepare these in a little different way than usual.  Usually I would make a roast with potatoes, carrots, onions, you get the picture.  No, not this time.  So I figured I would share this recipe with you.

You can marinade the goose breast(or duck) in what ever you prefer.  I prefer oil, Worcestershire, lite soy sauce, salt, pepper, garlic powder, Emiril’s essence, and Canadian steak seasoning.

Now take the breast and slice it very thin and on an angle across the width of the breasts.  When you get it all sliced set aside.  Get yourself your choice of bread, or bagel and toast each piece.  When toasted, place frying pan on high heat.  Butter the bread lightly and set on cookie sheet. When the pan is nice and hot add some oil to the bottom of the pan just enough to stir fry.  Place goose meat in pan and stir quickly.  Add some Sweet Baby Ray’s bbq sauce(or your favorite) to lightly coat and salt and pepper(you can also add onions and peppers).  Stir til the meat is medium and remove from pan.  Top bread with goose meat.  Place a piece of cheese on top of each piece of bread I use provolone or swiss.  Now place in oven, broil til cheese is melted and hot, do not burn bread.  Now eat with your favorite side for a delicious lunch or dinner.  You could also use a sub bun and cook meat with onions and even peppers to make a great tender steak sandwich.  Now most people think Goose is greasy and dry, try this recipe and you might think again.  Hope you all enjoy it, I know I did and will continue to in the future.

What’s it all about? The Experience!!!!!!!

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I reluctantly get up early and roll out of the musty cabin bed.  As I slowly walk to the bathroom I start to think of the new experience I will be having today.  I brush my teeth, splash some water on my face, and proceed to put on my hunting clothes.  The cabin starts to awaken as my family and friends get up to a new hunting experience.  I grab my bow, say good luck and open the cabin door.   As I step onto the deck the slightly cool,  crisp late October air hits my nose.  I take a deep breath to take it all in, look up at the seemingly millions of stars that I don’t get to see down state, and proceed to head down that trail again toward my tree stand.  As I walk, my dad and I have light conversation in the flashlight lit darkness about who knows.  It doesn’t matter what the conversation is, it only matters that were hunting together again.  I break off the trail into the trees following my tacks deeper into the woods, as I get closer to my tree stand I think of the many times I have hunted here before, and all the experiences I have had.  This gets me even more excited to be here.  A perfect morning I think to my self, cool, clear, no wind.  You could here a pin drop.  As I hook my bow to the rope I clip on my safety harness and head up into the stand.  I pull my bow up, knock my arrow, place it on the hook and take another deep breath of the cool crisp air.  Wow, 20 feet closer to God again, In his creation that he made for me and you.  As always, I close my eyes and start to pray for a great hunt, safety to all hunters everywhere and there families, I pray for my family to have great success, and to thank God for the land that we are able to hunt.  Then I just sit quietly, eyes closed, and listen.  Its pitch dark, and you can here everything.  I quickly pick up foot steps coming up the trail I walked up on.  To fast paced though to be a deer.  It gets closer as I pick up a slight silhouette under my stand,  Not 100% sure what it is, the movement tells me coyote.  As it moves off into the distance once again quiet.  I hear the occasional rustle after that, it doesn’t matter what animal it is,  it is just cool being there.  The sun starts to show its face as the trees, brush, and animals start to become visible.  I turn my head just in time to spot a white flash, oh man  5 deer right behind me and never even heard them.  I watch as they walk just out of range into the cranberry marsh to my left.  Next, squirrels everywhere I look.  I love watching them chase each other around, up and down the trees then stop suddenly as they realize I m there 3 feet away.  I have even had a flying squirrel run across my shoulder, birds land on my arm, and porcupines climb the very tree I sit in.  Really is there a better experience out there? I can’t think of anything like it.  I start the walk back to the cabin empty-handed as some would say,  My soul is full and content from the amazing experience I just received.  I once again step on the cabin deck where my experience started.  The door opens and my smiling family greets me as the smell of fresh sausage crosses my nose.  We all proceed to tell of the time spent in the woods that morning, smiling and laughing the whole time.  Nobody harvested a deer but nobody cares cause it’s all about the time spent together and about the experience together.  I have seen others blog about how their equipment, or sponsors products somehow make their hunting experience bearable.  I don’t get it because even without a bow or gun in my hand, a tree stand or ground blind to sit in, or call in my hand,  just sitting next to a tree watching the experience unfold is really what it’s all about.  Of course its a blessing to have nice things, its wonderful that a sponsor would bless me with an opportunity to use their product, or to have the opportunity to harvest a beautiful animal humanely.  That stuff is only a bonus to the amazing experience we have every time we step out that cabin door, smell the fresh air, look at the stars, and watch the amazing forest come to life all around us giving us a unique blessing every time.  I hope you enjoyed and can relate, please comment I would love to hear your thoughts. If you like my blog please subscribe I would appreciate it.

Ruttin’ Review: Wildlife Research Scent Killer 99%

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Let me just start this blog out by saying I have never been much of a hunter that has believed in scent concealment.  The reason is that if you hunt the right way you don’t need it most of the time.  Just hunt the wind and set up stands accordingly.  I do understand that in those situation where the animal doesn’t cooperate with your placement the products may give you a slight edge.  That said here is my story.  Last deer season I decided that I would try to use some of the scent elimination sprays that we have at our hunting camp.  My brothers, brother-in-law and dad all use it but I never do.  The funny thing about all that is if you ask any of them where the deer are they will all say go sit in my back pocket and you will see deer.  The reason is I always see more deer than any of them.  So this deer season there were three well know products available for my use.  I chose one of the most popular brands and sprayed myself down. I went to the woods and to my surprise seen nothing.  That night sprayed down, off I went excited to be hunting and to my surprise nothing again.  I used the same product the same regimen and nothing all weekend.  To make a long story short I continued to use the product for about 3 hunting weekends, and I absolutely saw the least amount of deer I have ever seen.  The third weekend I had smelled this weird smell for a little bit when hunting, when I got back to the cabin I asked my brother to smell my hunting suit.  He smelled it and agreed it smelled bad, I was trying to figure out what it was and realized it was the scent spray I had been using.  I couldn’t believe it smelled so bad, I realized why I wasn’t seeing any deer.  I chose to try the Wildlife Research scent killer 99% that afternoon.  When me and my brother were outside I asked him to smell my hunting hat, you know the sweat filled bill, yum!!!  We took the scent killer and sprayed the inside of the hat and within 10 seconds the smell was gone.  I sprayed my now smelling hunting suit with the scent killer 99% and to my surprise smell gone!!!!! I was impressed I could actually tell by human nose that the smells were disappearing.  So we took to the woods, wow deer!!! and my daughter actually got a shot at one.  The next weekend wow again deer.  It was appearing that I was back in the lead of seeing deer again, everywhere I hunted deer.  I decided to keep using the scent killer and will never use the other brand again.  I really don’t know if it was a bad batch, if that’s the reality of the other product, or what in the world was going on.  You know what first impression say though and mine was not good with one product and was great with the Wildlife Research Scent Killer 99%.  Now I can’t say I am a 100% believer in the scent elimination but I will say im now 99%.

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