Use the A.S.S. method to take more game.

This past weekend my brother-in-law picked me up for another fun-filled weekend of deer hunting on our property in Michigan.  As we were driving the 3 hour journey we had some conversations about life, family, deer management, and hunting.  One particular conversation stood out in my mind and as a result it may make some of you better at taking game in the future.  I was talking to Aaron about how some people I know can shoot fly’s off targets at 40 yards and farther but when that animal gets in front of them SWING AND A MISS…. over and over again it happens.  I used to do it repeatedly when I was younger until I got a pre-shoot routine down.  I was telling Aaron how I look at the animal I am going to take.  I pull back, think in my head pull the pin to the spot, let half a breath out and hold it, then squeeze the trigger.  immediately he said “I USE THE ASS METHOD”  I looked at him kinda funny and replied what is that.  Well this is what it is and I believe it can work for some of you. 


1.  Anchor your bow-string

2. Sight in on the animal

3. Squeeze the trigger

If you have a pre-shot routine in your head you are less likely to miss the shot.  You concentrate on what you’re doing properly and not what the deer is doing, or how large the antlers are, or whatever goes through the guy with Buck Fever’s head.  So next time your out, think A.S.S. and bring home that big buck. 

Thank you Aaron for the great tip.

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One Response to “Use the A.S.S. method to take more game.”

  1. Great entry. I think that might could work for me!

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