Onward and upward

Onward and upward.  From 6or7.wordpress.com

Thenontypicalsportsman.com would like to announce our Team D I R T Outdoors infotainment will now be available on TMP outdoors!!!!!!  Special thanks to fellow Team D I R T member Matt for the trackback.

Team D.I.R.T. is proud to announce we have joined the TMP Outdoors family. TMP is a channel on Roku. Roku is a device that hooks up to the television and has a ton of channels for free and can launch other device such as Netflix and other on demand movieand TV sitesLike I said before, I believe that cable and satellite t.v. is dying and this is going to be the wave of the future, why not get in at the ground level and watch it grow.

There are some pretty cool teams that are joining us on this channel so we are blessed to get such a great opportunity like the one presented to us.

We always say “We don’t know what we are going to do, but we are going to have fun doing it.” Well this isn’t true about this channel. We have some pretty cool stuff lined up for ya. We don’t want to give it all away but trust me this will be some great infotainment, we are not going to pull any punches, we’re going to put all our cards on the table and take no prisoners. Geez, how many clichés’ can I put in one sentence let alone in one blog?

Speaking of blogs, I am going to be extremely busy with this new project and I know this blog will suffer. I enjoy blogging but I know I have alot of work ahead of me. I’m am going to try to blog as much as I can but want this thing to be successful for Team D.I.R.T. and TMP.

Drive safe!

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    To anyone who doesn’t know this is the future of T.V. not cable or satalite but Video on demand style Television. I see it happening just like the home telephone has now given way to the cell.

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