So I am sitting at home when RING RING, my brother calls.  Hey bro would you like to come out and video for me and hunt this afternoon.  As a good brother would I accepted the offer.  My brother wanted me to bring my Conquest VS1 scent and some Buck Fever RUT along with my Doe Decoy silhouette(Montana).  I said sure thing and started packing up my stuff.  We arrive at his hunting property he recently acquired this season, he has seen a few big bucks and his partner in crime Josh had recently shot a smaller buck on a drive of the area out front.  So with excitement we head out to the woods to set up.  When we get to our spot my brother Brad starts setting up the ground blind as i go out about 40-50 yards to set up the Montana decoy between two thickets.  I get her setup, the scent lines put out and head back to the blind.  We finish setting up and settle in for little did we know an even more exciting hunt.  As I sit there in the blind looking around about 1 hour after setup, I spot an orange hat about 80 yards out.  I turn to Brad and say hey there is some orange, quickly I realized that the hunter was probably going to shoot my decoy.  Brad leans over to see the hunter and BANGGGGGGGGGGGGG I see muzzle flash, and the tree splinters fly and leaves moving on the ground about 10 yards to the right of our blind.  I quickly grab my orange hat and start waving it out the window.  The other hunter see’s the hat, realizes what he has just done, and turns around and walks We get out of the blind and he is gone.  Well to make a long story short my brother call Josh who is the local police officer as well, and they both go have a talk with the trespassing hunter.  So based on that fun story here is my top DOE DECOY HUNTING RULES!!!!!

1. When hunting deer decoys make sure you hit them so you do not feel like even more of an idiot after the shot.

2. When hunting deer decoys make sure you find out if anyone is hurt before walking away ashamed.

3. When hunting deer decoys make sure there are no huge blinds around.

4. When hunting deer decoys make sure there are no orange hats, vests, gloves, suites, ect in the woods around it.

5. When hunting deer decoys make sure your not trespassing.

6. When hunting deer decoys make sure the decoy has no legs.

7. When hunting deer decoys make sure you have a bag with you to fold it up and pack away to take home after killing.

8. When hunting deer decoys make sure you have cash on you to buy from actual owner after killing it.

9. When hunting deer decoys make sure it doesn’t move, walk, run, tail flicker, eat, turn head, before shooting it.

10. When hunting deer decoys make sure you have a lot of tenderizor cause that is going to be tough to swallow.

Oh ya just so you know this is not the first time have experienced this.  A few years back me and Ronnie (Team Dirt Member) were on a local goose hunt when another hunter crawled through the reeds, popped up, and shot a number of our goose decoys sitting on the water.  Then realizing our decoys were not dead just sinking with all the shot in them, crawled away without saying a word.. We did catch up with him as well and it all worked out, but just be careful cause you never know when you will encounter a Decoy Hunter!!!



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