Hunting hard or Hardly hunting?

So as I sit here reminiscing on my 2010 hunting season I’ve realized its been really hard hunting this season.  The weather has not cooperated at all, its been windy, rainy, snowy, and cold.  I’m not just talking 15-20 mph winds but I’ve been out in 65 mph winds.  Crazy,  right?  Well, when you only have x amount of days a year to hunt,  time in the woods is at a premium.  You have to subtract work, family time, and don’t forget the honey do’s.  I remember one weekend while we were up at our cabin, we had just came in from the morning hunt and after breakfast I had turned on some hunting shows.  After watching show after show I realized there was a common pattern.  They kept mentioning how hard they had been hunting that week, as I though about that for a minute it kinda got under my skin a bit.  Hunting hard!!!  They are on a ranch where they specifically grow monster bucks, they have a guide tell them where the best spots are or at least have trail cam pictures of where to hunt.  Now I totally respect that they have to run from place to place, hunt to hunt, to get enough film for the tv show.  Matter a fact I love watching the shows, but If I hunted the same ranch for the same period of time pretty sure I would come out of there with a buck of my lifetime too.   I was thinking, imagine that!!   how it would be fun to have one of the TV show crews come to my home state of Michigan, give them the topo maps of the local state game area, and let them hunt in the rain, snow, sleet, wind, you know unexpected weather and see if they could pull a good buck from there in the same 7 day period.  You know hunt hard, no guide, no fence, no 40 acre food plots, you get the picture right?  Now I don’t doubt some of their hunting skills, and im pretty sure there are a few of them that would produce, but if I were a betting man my money would be on the deer!!!   I’m not saying they don’t work hard at all, im just saying they usually are given the best possible opportunity to get that big buck.  Remember, when you hit your favorite woods to hunt hard, you know where the big deer are, most people just don’t want to go there.  Hunt hard!!!! or are you hardly hunting?

Thanks for reading, I would appreciate feedback


4 Responses to “Hunting hard or Hardly hunting?”

  1. Good stuff bradda!!!!!

  2. Aaron Chiles Says:

    I couldn’t agree more….bring those Realtree boys to the Manistee National Forest and pull monster after monster……it’d never happen. They are out there though.

  3. Dwaine Gipe Says:

    Right on brother. So the world turns. Not to many real hunters out there anymore. Many of the bozos at least hunt over or near a feeding site.
    Many purchased hunts are a jolk. It’s all about pure and simple money.
    To bad! Our grandchildren will never know the hunt as some of us at least knew the hunt.

    • Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it. Im glad you enjoyed the read, I hope the real hunters instill there passion in there children or others children. Its a great sport and as my favorite bumper sticker states “kids that hunt and fish don’t mug old ladies.”

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