Imported Sugar Beets In Michigan!!! REALLY?????

OK   REALLY???? This past weekend I was back at it, deer hunting on our property in Manistee, MI.  After hunting the first day we decide to run to town and pick up a few bags of sugar beets to put out for the deer.  We pull in to the local trading post and see lots of sugar beets piled up by the gas pump, the front door, out by the road.  The first thing that got our attention was the fact that up until this week of hunting the sugar beets were $5.99 a bag or 3-$15.  Look on the counter and lo and behold now they are 3 bags for $18.. Kinda like the gas price gouging I would say but whatever that’s another topic.  We buy the bags and throw them in the back of the truck.  I look on the bag and lo and behold it says Grown in USA… Grown in Mexico.  The grown in Mexico box was checked.  First thing that came to my mind was usually people use old onion bags to put beets in and that is what it was Mexico onion bags with sugar beets in them.  After further review, nope nice little Mexican looking fellow with the absolute fact that these are actually Mexico grown Beets.  OK just so people know, Sebewing Michigan is the sugar beet CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.  The CAPITAL OF THE WORLD… So why is it that we have Mexico grown sugar beets in Michigan at all.  I love the fact that we can keep other countries economies going but let our own Michigan growers suffer because of it.  I will never buy those beets again after noticing this and I guess if there are no beets except those the deer will get some sort of American carrots, apples, corn who knows. This is ridicules we need to stop the madness.   Please comment your thoughts, please subscribe to my blog, tell friends, and have a great day.

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4 Responses to “Imported Sugar Beets In Michigan!!! REALLY?????”

  1. I wont name the business but there is a well known gas station in bear lake, mi selling mexican sugar beats too! What a crock. I will buy my bait from the mom and pop bow shop there from now on.


  3. Garth Newman Says:

    You are so right Lary, If the madness does NOT stop, this country headed for a fall, actually, I think it is already to late.

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