Game Time Recipes: Crockpot Venison and Potatoes

Well it is that time of the year again. The leaves are turning, the air is chilling, and the deer are moving. So after my successful hunting adventure last weekend I decided to make a little crock pot venison for the family. So here it is for you to enjoy also:

What you will need.

Venison round steak
1-24 oz can of cream of mushroom soup
1-16 oz of beef broth
Wonder powder as needed to thicken gravy
Red skin potatoes
Garlic powder
Emeril’s Essence
Bay Leaf
Canadian Steak Seasoning

Place trimmed round steak in the bottom of the crock pot. Season with Garlic powder, Salt, Pepper, Essence, and Canadian Steak Seasoning. Then add the Cream Of Mushroom soup and the Beef Broth. Stir the mixture to even out. Place potatoes in the pot after halving them. Now place onions in the pot, I usually cut them into small rings. Taste gravy and season with pepper accordingly. Place one Bay Leaf in the gravy and simmer all day on low. If the gravy is a little thin add Wonder powder to thicken. When done you will have an amazingly tender venison dish that is sure to please even the pickiest eaters. Let me know what you think..

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  1. onions…

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