Top Ten Archery Safety Rules!!!

Top Ten Archery Safety rules. These are just some of the rules I could think of. There are many more you could add to this list but the point is to be smart, be responsible, and be home safe every time. Enjoy..

1. Never point a bow and arrow at another person.
2. Never shoot at an unidentified target.
3. Never shoot an arrow straight up into the air.
4. Never shoot arrows with broadheads into standard targets.
5. Check your equipment regularly for cracks and chips.
6. Never shoot damaged equipment.
7. Check your bowstring regularly, always keep your string waxed.
8. Never walk or run with uncovered broadheads.
9. Always use a broadhead wrench to loosen or tighten broadheads.
10. Never point your nocked arrow toward anything you’re not going to shoot at.


2 Responses to “Top Ten Archery Safety Rules!!!”

  1. v ugviutvc Says:

    very good info.

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