My First Whitetail

As I sit in my tree stand, my best friend only 120 yards away I remember or tried to all the things my dad had been telling me:

1. Be still

2. Be Quiet

3. Take a breathe and hold it to settle before shooting

4. Pull bow down to just behind front shoulder and smoothly release

5. If you hit a deer, watch it as far as you can see it so as to find the blood trail.

6. Remember trees, rocks, grass, anything different the deer runs by.

So im sitting in my tree stand 20 feet closer to God watching the squirrels come and go, watching the blue jays fly from tree to tree, and the passing crows making tons of noise in the sky.  I then look over and lo and behold 11 yeah I said it 11 does and little ones are working their way into my bait.  OK before people say anything this was like 22 years ago and yes baiting in Michigan was legal then.  As the deer filtered around me I remember a couple little ones kinda playing and fighting around the bait.  One would come in and raise its legs and jump on the other ones back, and visa versa.  After watching them go at it for a while and the other ones eating, they started to walk off.  One by one right by my stand, single file 10 yards away.  As I watched them walking off I heard a stick snap off to the right.  I turned my head and lo and behold a nice 8 point buck with about a 16 inch spread was walking down the same path as the does.  It was rut time and he knew what he was after.  As he got closer to the stand I eased up and grabbed my bow and got ready.  The buck eased its way down the run and stopped!!! 8 yards right there.  I tried to calm myself as I was shaking vigorously.  As i drew my bow I remembered and took the deep breath, let half out and held.  As I settled the pin behind the shoulder I released the Easton arrow tipped with a wasp 4 blade.  I watched the arrow pierce the side of the buck and prepared to watch it run off.  To my surprise though, I was stunned.  The buck in his mighty glory just stood there.  I thought I missed for a second even though i knew I had hit the deer.  I looked again and seen the hole, blood dripping out the side.  He put his head down and started following the does again.  I now am dumb founded as the deer just walks away.  I am wanting to mak trees but he is just right there.  The buck walks about 20 yards behind me and stops.  After looking around he suddenly bolts straight left, I watch anxiously as he runs 20 yards falls spins in a circle 2 times and passes.  I then get really excited shaking out of my boots.  I’m sure it was a whole five minutes before I look over and here comes another 8 point into the bait I had another tag but It was a smaller basket rack buck and I had bagged what I came for.  As the sun faded into the sunset my buddy came and got me, I explained to him what I had shot and he didn’t believe me at first.  We walked over and to his surprise a nice 8 point lay there in the flash lit dark.  We left and met our dads and little to our surprise it was a great night, not only did I shoot a nice 8 point, but my buddies dad shot a nice 8 point, and my dad a 6 point.  3 deer in one night of hunting.. I have never experienced an evening of hunting since then as far as harvesting.  We returned to the boat and returned home.  It was and is one of the most memorable experiences I have ever had.  I hope all of you have had a memorable experience like mine.  If so please share in the comments.  Thank you Hope you enjoyed this post.

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One Response to “My First Whitetail”

  1. Great memories! thanks for sharing.

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