Game Time Recipes: Venison Onion Burgers

This is not your typical venison burger, that’s because it’s not a burger at all.  Its more like a sloppy joe and who doesn’t like that right… Well my brother I guess but that’s a whole nother issue lol.  Well this is what you will need for this amazing sandwich:

  1. Venison burger I use 5 lbs big family
  2. 4 cans of french onion soup(or approx 1 can per pound)
  3. Flour to thicken
  4. onion buns or your favorite hoagie rolls

Brown the venison until done, add in 4 cans of french onion soup (I use Cambell’s) heat the mixture to a constant simmer.  While the meat mixture is simmering add flour slowly( about 4 tbs to start)  mix flour in well and watch mixture thicken.  Keep adding flour tbs at a time until mixture is not  watery.  Place your bun on a plate cover with onion burger  and enjoy.

Other possible topping that are great:

  1. homemade cole slaw
  2. fresh grated sharp cheddar cheese/ or pepper jack

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do, its delish.  Throw me a line and let me know what you think!!!!!!

D.I.R.T = Dinner Is Right There

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