Ruttin’ Review: Quest Primal


Well to start with here is a little about this great product:

Axle to Axle 32” +/- 3/16”
Brace Height 7-1/8” +/- 1/8”
IBO Speed (Approx.) 330-332
Mass Weight 3.9 lbs.
Primal Retail $699.99
Primal GFade™ $729.99
SYNC Cam – Patent Pending Twin Track SYNC Modular Cam System*
Draw Lengths – 26.5″-30″ in 1/2″ increments
80% Let-Off
Peak Draw Weights – 40-50, 50-60, 60-70 lbs.
Available in right and left hand
Realtree AP camouflage
Patent Pending I-Glide™ Cable System
Riser is forged and then 100% CNC Machined
Pivoting and Locking Limb Pockets
MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Broadhead Shelf
Two Piece Laminated Wood Grip
Fully Adjustable String Suppression System
Blue Black 452X Precision Bowstring
BowJax Limb Silencers
All new stout 13” limbs provide greater stability and reduced hand shock.
Camo Patterns:
Standard Finish Options
  • Solid Black
  • Solid Realtree AP HD Finish 
Custom GFade™ Finish Options
  • Realtree Advantage Max 1
  • Realtree Advantage Max 4
  • Realtree AP-HD

When I first pulled my new Primal out of the box I really was amazed at how great it looked.  The G-fade camo was amazing and really set the bow off.  After I adored my new piece of hunting equipment for a while I decided to take it to the local bow shop and get all my accessories installed.  I put the G5 sight and also the G5 drop away rest on the bow.  I brought it home and set the target up, 10 yards.  I put the pin on, released, and wow it blew right through the target quickly.  I was amazed at how fast the bow was and the fact that my other bow did not blow thru.  Again I shot and the same result.  After a quick adjustment, bullseye.  Then to 20 yards again bullseye.  The bow took me less than 15 mins to start driving tacks at 20 yards something I could not accomplish with my prior bows.  I am a good shot but a spot shooter I havent been.  The bow is smooth, fast, and looks amazing in the G-fade camo.  If you don’t know what G-fade is the limbs of the bow are camo and as the camo comes down the riser the paint fades to an all black riser.  This is helpful in all hunting situations as the black fades with the shadows of the trees, it also blends with the black insides of a ground blind.  To say the least I love this bow.  The bow is sooooooo quiet, smooth, no vibrations, it’s just a great all around bow.  I have been happy with all my previous bows (Illusion, Mach x) Both have been extremely quiet and great shooters but so far this has been my favorite.  I would recommend the Quest Primal bow to everyone!!!!!!  

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