Game Time Recipes: Easy Grilled Trout Canadian

Well it’s that time a year for us here in Michigan.  The Steelhead Trout are running the rivers to spawn.  Lucky us we have Fishing poles to catch this beautiful and tasty creature that God blessed us with.  My dad and brother have just finish a few days this week fishing there favorite holes and brought me back the bounty.  So I figured I would share a quick and tasty recipe that not only works well with trout but most fish. 

You will need your favorite fish, some butter or olive oil, and Canadian Steak Seasoning.

Take your cleaned fresh fish fillets, brush with butter or I use olive oil, sprinkle with a good helping of the Canadian Steak Seasoning to taste and grill.  Remember fish does not need to cook long you do not want to over cook.  You can also fry in a pan and it will come out great also.

If you try this out, throw me a line and tell me how it was. D.I.R.T= Dinner Is Right There

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One Response to “Game Time Recipes: Easy Grilled Trout Canadian”

  1. a very tasty way to cook fish. Thanks for sharing!

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