Game Time Recipes: Porky Pig N Gravy

Well what can I say: Imagine that,  another snow storm in Michigan!!!!  Well this time a mixture of ice and really wet snow, good thing I own a snow blower cause I am not shoveling that heavy stuff.  So as I got home from work at 10am I took the porky pig out of the fridge that had been thawing.  Pork Chops that is!!!! Now for this recipe you can use something you have shot or hey nothing wrong with the store-bought stuff.  Bone in or boneless will work fine.  First, grab a bowl that all the chops will fit in, drizzle some olive oil in the bowl and add pork chops.  Rub the chops in the oil to coat then Season to your liking or this is how I do it:

Pepper, salt, Emeril’s essence, garlic powder, and Canadian seasoning.

After seasoning the pork, massage all the seasoning on the chops to coat evenly.  Then place in the fridge covered with wrap for a few hours.  After the chops have marinated, get a pan out and heat to a nice medium high heat, add olive oil to coat bottom of pan, then add chops and cook to a nice golden brown making sure there is lots of flavor in the pan for ummmmmmmm GRAVY ya I said it GRAVY.  How can you go wrong with that.  After the pork has cooked thru remove and drain on paper towel.  Take your pan and turn down to medium.  Add milk to pan and stir around I use about 3 cups, then about 1/2 cup of heavy cream and continue to stir.  Add salt and pepper to taste and remember pepper makes good gravy.  I also add about 2 tbs of bacon grease if you have it around.  If not still will come out fine.  As you continue to stir the now browning gravy, add some wonder powder or sifted flour to the gravy.  Do not go over board, use just enough to thicken gravy.  Once the gravy has started to thicken a little, add the chops back into the pan and cover them in the gravy.  Move the chops around in the pan to stir gravy as it thickens and turns a very nice brown color.  Turn to low and simmer.  A quick tip: If you have trouble making gravy just add a couple cans of cream of mushroom soup, a can of milk and salt n pepper for another geat tasting gravy.   Now what to serve with this great pork? Well a couple of things works well.  If you like turnip greens get a large can of southern style greens and a large can of diced white potatoes.  Mix the two cans together in a sauce pan.  Drain the potatoes but leave the turnip green juice for now.  Heat on high for about ten minutes then remove 90% of the juice from the greens and place back in pan on medium.  Add salt n pepper to taste and simmer till most of the juice is gone.  They are great!!! add a little of the gravy to the mix and all is well.  If you do not enjoy greens… Hey the old mashed potatoes will work fine also covered in gravy.

To serve: place pork on plate cover with gravy, serve greens or potatoes on the side also with a coat of gravy, a nice piece of garlic bread or a hot slice of homemade with butter works well.

Hope you enjoy this recipe, I know my family sure did.  Until next time remember:

That’s what it is all about, right? Food for your belly and memories for your soul.


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