What’s it all about? The Experience!!!!!!!

I reluctantly get up early and roll out of the musty cabin bed.  As I slowly walk to the bathroom I start to think of the new experience I will be having today.  I brush my teeth, splash some water on my face, and proceed to put on my hunting clothes.  The cabin starts to awaken as my family and friends get up to a new hunting experience.  I grab my bow, say good luck and open the cabin door.   As I step onto the deck the slightly cool,  crisp late October air hits my nose.  I take a deep breath to take it all in, look up at the seemingly millions of stars that I don’t get to see down state, and proceed to head down that trail again toward my tree stand.  As I walk, my dad and I have light conversation in the flashlight lit darkness about who knows.  It doesn’t matter what the conversation is, it only matters that were hunting together again.  I break off the trail into the trees following my tacks deeper into the woods, as I get closer to my tree stand I think of the many times I have hunted here before, and all the experiences I have had.  This gets me even more excited to be here.  A perfect morning I think to my self, cool, clear, no wind.  You could here a pin drop.  As I hook my bow to the rope I clip on my safety harness and head up into the stand.  I pull my bow up, knock my arrow, place it on the hook and take another deep breath of the cool crisp air.  Wow, 20 feet closer to God again, In his creation that he made for me and you.  As always, I close my eyes and start to pray for a great hunt, safety to all hunters everywhere and there families, I pray for my family to have great success, and to thank God for the land that we are able to hunt.  Then I just sit quietly, eyes closed, and listen.  Its pitch dark, and you can here everything.  I quickly pick up foot steps coming up the trail I walked up on.  To fast paced though to be a deer.  It gets closer as I pick up a slight silhouette under my stand,  Not 100% sure what it is, the movement tells me coyote.  As it moves off into the distance once again quiet.  I hear the occasional rustle after that, it doesn’t matter what animal it is,  it is just cool being there.  The sun starts to show its face as the trees, brush, and animals start to become visible.  I turn my head just in time to spot a white flash, oh man  5 deer right behind me and never even heard them.  I watch as they walk just out of range into the cranberry marsh to my left.  Next, squirrels everywhere I look.  I love watching them chase each other around, up and down the trees then stop suddenly as they realize I m there 3 feet away.  I have even had a flying squirrel run across my shoulder, birds land on my arm, and porcupines climb the very tree I sit in.  Really is there a better experience out there? I can’t think of anything like it.  I start the walk back to the cabin empty-handed as some would say,  My soul is full and content from the amazing experience I just received.  I once again step on the cabin deck where my experience started.  The door opens and my smiling family greets me as the smell of fresh sausage crosses my nose.  We all proceed to tell of the time spent in the woods that morning, smiling and laughing the whole time.  Nobody harvested a deer but nobody cares cause it’s all about the time spent together and about the experience together.  I have seen others blog about how their equipment, or sponsors products somehow make their hunting experience bearable.  I don’t get it because even without a bow or gun in my hand, a tree stand or ground blind to sit in, or call in my hand,  just sitting next to a tree watching the experience unfold is really what it’s all about.  Of course its a blessing to have nice things, its wonderful that a sponsor would bless me with an opportunity to use their product, or to have the opportunity to harvest a beautiful animal humanely.  That stuff is only a bonus to the amazing experience we have every time we step out that cabin door, smell the fresh air, look at the stars, and watch the amazing forest come to life all around us giving us a unique blessing every time.  I hope you enjoyed and can relate, please comment I would love to hear your thoughts. If you like my blog please subscribe I would appreciate it.


3 Responses to “What’s it all about? The Experience!!!!!!!”

  1. Here is a facebook buddy on D.I.R.T.’s page…

    Dwaine Gipe “Any good ole time hunters out there should follow that link and read a good article. I AGREE WHOLE HEARTEDLY.”

  2. Great post!! It really is about the experience and being with our family. God reveals Himself in some wonderful ways.

  3. Aaron Chiles Says:

    I couldn’t agree more brother!

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