Ruttin’ Review: Wildlife Research Scent Killer 99%

Let me just start this blog out by saying I have never been much of a hunter that has believed in scent concealment.  The reason is that if you hunt the right way you don’t need it most of the time.  Just hunt the wind and set up stands accordingly.  I do understand that in those situation where the animal doesn’t cooperate with your placement the products may give you a slight edge.  That said here is my story.  Last deer season I decided that I would try to use some of the scent elimination sprays that we have at our hunting camp.  My brothers, brother-in-law and dad all use it but I never do.  The funny thing about all that is if you ask any of them where the deer are they will all say go sit in my back pocket and you will see deer.  The reason is I always see more deer than any of them.  So this deer season there were three well know products available for my use.  I chose one of the most popular brands and sprayed myself down. I went to the woods and to my surprise seen nothing.  That night sprayed down, off I went excited to be hunting and to my surprise nothing again.  I used the same product the same regimen and nothing all weekend.  To make a long story short I continued to use the product for about 3 hunting weekends, and I absolutely saw the least amount of deer I have ever seen.  The third weekend I had smelled this weird smell for a little bit when hunting, when I got back to the cabin I asked my brother to smell my hunting suit.  He smelled it and agreed it smelled bad, I was trying to figure out what it was and realized it was the scent spray I had been using.  I couldn’t believe it smelled so bad, I realized why I wasn’t seeing any deer.  I chose to try the Wildlife Research scent killer 99% that afternoon.  When me and my brother were outside I asked him to smell my hunting hat, you know the sweat filled bill, yum!!!  We took the scent killer and sprayed the inside of the hat and within 10 seconds the smell was gone.  I sprayed my now smelling hunting suit with the scent killer 99% and to my surprise smell gone!!!!! I was impressed I could actually tell by human nose that the smells were disappearing.  So we took to the woods, wow deer!!! and my daughter actually got a shot at one.  The next weekend wow again deer.  It was appearing that I was back in the lead of seeing deer again, everywhere I hunted deer.  I decided to keep using the scent killer and will never use the other brand again.  I really don’t know if it was a bad batch, if that’s the reality of the other product, or what in the world was going on.  You know what first impression say though and mine was not good with one product and was great with the Wildlife Research Scent Killer 99%.  Now I can’t say I am a 100% believer in the scent elimination but I will say im now 99%.


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