Are you still outdoors?

So it’s January in Michigan and it’s getting really cold.  The weather is really starting to set in and we have the coldest month of February closing in fast.  The Popular deer season is over, most of the ducks and geese have left, and its freezing cold.  So I have a question to ask? Are you still outdoors?  Well here in Michigan, even with the snow, cold, and seemingly lack of stuff to do there really is an abundance to do outdoors.  The best thing about it all to is that no matter how cold it is outside, kids love being there too at least for a little while.  Last year my buddy called me up and asked if I would bring my stepson out for a rabbit hunt, of course I said yes even though we had never hunted rabbits before.  It was cold, a fresh dusting of snow and our friends wanted to run their dogs.  It was a great time, the kids shot some rabbits, we got some film, and the adults had a blast listening to the dogs in the quiet cold morning air running rabbits.  Well that said, what do you do this time of year? Snowmobile, squirrel hunt, coyote hunt, ice fish, trap, you get the picture.  I could go on and on but as you can see there is still a lot going on here in Michigan and for sure other states too.  I love it outdoors, the kids do too so get them out there and do some ice fishing, sledding, hunting, camping, or just building an igloo.  You will enjoy it and the kids will have experiences they will never forget.  That will translate into your grandkids, and great grandkids doing the same thus keeping the traditions alive and well here in Michigan as well as all over this great country and world.  If you get a chance, tell me about your cold weather experiences in the comments I would enjoy to read about them.


2 Responses to “Are you still outdoors?”

  1. Great stuff! I’m from Georgia and as a boy grew up with a pack of beagles. Rabbit hunting was my first exposure to hunting. Then I got into deer hunting and turkey hunting. In January, we will still try to get out and hunt some bunnies, but I don’t have my beagles any more. Still, it’s great to get outside and keep your kids interested in the outdoors. Thanks for the post.

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