Fished what I wanted!!!!

This years Christmas has now come and gone along with the Michigan deer season.  My deer season was very unproductive and a bit depressing to say the least.  My fishing season had just begun though.  I threw a few lines out there on my santa list and low and behold I caught what I would say is a trophy.  I say, Fished what I wanted and much more.  To start with I got a new Scent Lok Vertigo Full Season hunting suit with the hat & mask combo.  This suit has turned out to be a real keeper, look for a Ruttin’ Review soon.  Next a new tree stand? Yes a new tree stand and not just the plain run of the mill stuff.  I got an Ameristep 20′ Sky Rise 2 man stand, to say the least my Xmas list could be done at that point and I would be totally ecstatic but wait, whats that I see a new G5 quiver underneath the tree.  I’ve been needing a new one since I broke my last one opening day of the bow season.  This quiver is great and guess what it matches my G5 primal bow.  At this point can you say lovin life!!! then out of nowhere a new JVC everio video camera for the woods, no it’s not professional but it has all the characteristics I was looking for in a camera.  I used it the other day and it works great even in the cold weather.  This Xmas has been great and im not trying to brag I feel very fortunate and blessed to have a great family and friends and I wish everyone a great year. I hope all of you fished what you wanted and even if your still fishing, remember a bad day of fishing is better than any good day at work.  Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and have a Happy New Year. 


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