Ruttin’ Review: Rocky mid-weight base layer

A little about  the Rocky Mid-Weight base layer system before I get started.

Rocky SIQ Atomic helps control human odor on the microbial level

Stretch fit system moves with you

Performance fleece 1 sided brushed for comfort

Advanced moisture management technology

This hunting season I thought I would try a base layer system since I have never owned one in the past.  The reason I decided to try one is because I was always so bulky wearing six layers of clothing into the woods.  I recently had  bought another brand name set of mid weight layers and tried them on a hunting weekend where it was about 30 deg.  In my opinion they did not perform to the level I thought they should.  I immediately took them back to the store and did a little research.  Before my next hunting excursion, I went to my local department store and purchased the Rocky Mid-Weight system.  There was a couple of reasons I chose Rocky over the other brands.

  1. Cost (very inexpensive)
  2. 5 star reviews across the board
  3. comfort
  4. warmth
  5. design

I wore this system on my next hunting trip.  The temperatures were between 15 deg and 31 deg for 3 day straight.  I wore only the base layer system and my Scent Lok grey vertigo full season suit.  The suit is a lightweight bowhunter suit and this is all I wore on this trip.  When I first set out into the cold I thought I was going to freeze, It took about 3 hours of sitting still in the woods before I got cold at all.  I was comfortable, warm, and not bulked up at all.  I had a great 3 days of hunting and owe it all to the Rocky system.  I was really surprised at how well they preformed especially since they were about $75 cheaper than the previous set that I had bought.  They are also scent blocking with the  SIQ system which I found useful when the deer I seen were down wind at only 20 yards and never even knew I was there.  I would defiantly recommend this system to anyone who needs a mid weight base layer.  I am going to purchase the lightweight system for early deer season here in Michigan because of the performance of the Mid-Weights.


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